“Why Didn’t My Physician Recommend Myofascial Release?” and Why I provide it with Kinessage (DMG).

Why Didn’t My Physician Recommend Myofascial Release? This is a common question I get from clients: How could something that helped them so much go unnoticed by their doctor? From your physician’s standpoint, I truly believe that they are inundated with “miracle cures” on a daily basis. From pharmaceutical representatives selling the newest medication, the […]

How I am helping people with facia issues with Kinessage therapy.

Kinessage has changed my approach in addressing my client’s muscular discomfort.  I have integrated Kinessage (Kinesiology and myofacial release) when muscle texture dictates which has helped many clients. This article helps illustrates how facia affects the body and how releasing it could help you. http://www.massagetherapy.com/articles/index.php/article_id/1939/Let-Your-Fascia-Flow