First and foremost I want you to be as comfortable as possible. Being comfortable has a positive effect on stress. I will explain the procedures, techniques, and expectations. You are free to ask any questions before and during your session. Here are some FAQ’s.

What do I wear? Your session will be conducted while clothed, so wear something comfortable.  Wearing cotton material is preferred but no jeans.  A light top sheet will be used for privacy.

Can I workout before my massage? Yes, you can, but allow 30 minutes for your body to relax and get back to normal blood pressure and pulse. Please SHOWER before your massage.

Can I workout after my massage? Yes and No. Depending on the type of massage you received and how long it was. Your body needs to recover after a deep and long session.

Do I have to talk during the session? The main communication that needs to happen during your massage is about your comfort level, pressure levels, and/or if you experience pain in certain areas. “General conversation” during your massage is discouraged.

Do I have to drink water after my massage? It is important to replenish your body’s muscles and help the body to remove toxins with water. You don’t have to drink extra unless you’re already dehydrated.

Should I keep my appointment if I start feeling sick? NO. If you start feeling sick or have been sick in the last 14 days, please contact me to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  We need to be cautious during these changing times.

Will my insurance pay for my massage session? At the current time, I am not affiliated with any insurance company so cash or credit card payment is preferred.