Mike B. Testimony – “I remembered you.”

“Earl’s therapeutic massage and techniques have helped me immensely, my latest appointment was in August of 2022 and because of travel, I could only have one long session.  In just that one session, Earl relieved pain, discomfort, cramping and stiffness that has plagued me for decades.  I’m into my 70’s and have 50+ year old athletic injuries, minor to moderate arthritis in my back, knees and hips, expansive scar tissue from numerous surgeries among other maladies.  Incredibly Earl loosened all my stiff joints, released the constrictions of scar tissue and relieved my muscle stiffness, soreness and cramping in one session.  His work was nothing short of amazing. I kid you not, I do not exaggerate.  As he said as I was leaving, I came in hunched over and shorter than him, I left standing up straight and taller than him.  HA! HA! Funny but true. I was also walking without any pain or discomfort and my balance had improved immensely since my joints were again flexible.  Incredible.  As I told him I felt 20 years younger.  Perhaps even more spectacular is that weeks later, all of his work has stayed with me. Noticeably I can actually move my ankles for better balance walking up and down stairs. Before I seemed to walk like zombie, stiff and with poor balance.  A shoulder with chronic stiffness now has painless full range of motion after DECADES of serious discomfort.  I have had no reoccurrence of cramping or muscle aches.” 
I HIGHLY recommend Earl Gushiken and his “Therapeutic Massage with Aloha” !

Mike B.

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  1. Thank you Mike for your awesome testimony and allowing me to work on you again. I titled this “I remembered you” because he did. The last time I worked on Mike was in 2018 when we had a massage session at Windward mall. It was great seeing you again. Mahalo.

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