NRT founder’s RESULTS !

From NRT founder, Lawrence Woods

“I continue to receive emails from NRT therapists around the country that are able to help their clients make major and minor improvements in their post-stroke clients even after years of standard rehabilitation therapy. What would or could you do for a client who was a 59-year-old female smoker, who experienced a stroke, heart attack, and seizures, leaving her with a motor deficit in her left hand?

Many of you have asked whether or not NRT works if a client is on this or that medication. FYI, this new client is on many medications. She is on three medications for high blood pressure, two medications for blood thinning, thyroid hormone, a statin drug for cholesterol, two medications for asthma, an insulin pump for type I diabetes, GERD medication, an antidepressant, an antiseizure drug, and pain medications. NRT still worked.

After two years of rehabilitation and many hours of trying to be able to touch her thumb and pinky pads together, she was quite frustrated. After resetting 321 muscles, along with an evaluation, in less than a half an hour (only possible with the advanced work of NRT), she was completely shocked that she was able to easily touch those fingers together.”

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  1. I honestly cannot say Neural Reset Therapy will work on every client but why not try it and we can find out together. DMG

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