How I am helping people with facia issues with Kinessage therapy.

Kinessage has changed my approach in addressing my client’s muscular discomfort.  I have integrated Kinessage (Kinesiology and myofacial release) when muscle texture dictates which has helped many clients. This article helps illustrates how facia affects the body and how releasing it could help you.

Eric Dalton’s “Motion is Lotion”

Studying and applying Erik Dalton “Motion with Lotion” How Bodywork Lubricates Joints and Fascia Is Motion ‘the’ Lotion by Erik Dalton, Ph.D. There’s a saying in orthopedics that “motion is lotion for joints,” but what about muscles, fascia, and neural structures? Aging causes us to produce less synovial fluid for joint lubrication, and hyaluronic acid […]