Why Retire?

Earl Gushiken July 16, 2019 “Friends ask me when will I retire? Really, I’m helping clients reduce their muscular pain with Neural Reset Therapy (NRT) and I work in an interesting environment 😉🤗😇”

Facebook Remark

From Facebook Paul N. June 18, 2019 “Thanks for the body tune-up! Feel stronger in the gym now!” Earl Gushiken “It’s a good idea to take care of your body with massage to maximize your daily efforts. A good monthly maintenance program is recommended for everyone.🤙Damassageguy🤓”

Queen’s Medical Center Geriatric Services

I was fortunate to have Dr. Jessica Barry of Queen’s Medical Center Geriatric Services invite me on June 7th to work on 8 of her staff members. Everyone was very happy and relaxed with their Neural Reset Therapy massage treatments. What a great bunch of professionals. Damassageguy “Therapeutic Massage with Aloha.” **************************************** Hi Earl! Justin […]

Yelp Review

6/15/2018 I’ve been coming here for the past two or three years and the service is exceptional. Recently, I received a very unique massage from Earl. I needed an hour massage on mother’s day. This was the first time I learned about an NRT massage. Earl didn’t need to strain himself massaging me the regular […]