Testimonial by Nandor of YouTube “Hungaro Explorer”

A call out session that produced multiple positive results with Nandor of YouTube “Hangaro Explorer”. Nandor is an extreme hiker and trail guide that traverses many Hawaiian trails. Visit his videos to enjoy the many beautiful scenery of Hawaii’s mountain peaks. https://youtu.be/e6_JZw35zpw

I am a mountain guide, trail runner here in Hawaii. My body goes through a lot of stress every day. Lately I had a lot of tension in my calves, and some pain in other areas of my body. I worked with Earl before, so I knew he is my guy when I need assistance with my injuries.
He could really read through my body and identified all the areas he had to work on to address the problems. Earl even overstayed his time just to make sure I am feeling better. I definitely do!
I feel my body refreshed, free of pain and more flexible!
Mahalo Earl!”

Nandor Szotak