Services, prices and hours


I use a variety of massage techniques that will be customized to your particular treatment and preferences.  My massage therapy is tailored specifically for you at each visit since everyone’s needs are different.  This is your time to take care of yourself and receive the gift of therapeutic touch.


In-house (Kaneohe): 1 Hr/$80; 90 minutes/$110

*Outcall: 1 Hr/$100; 90 minutes/$130

*(Outcall prices will vary on distance and location.)

“Heal the Healers:” Discounted one-hour  in-house massage service for licensed medical and complementary medicine professionals (MD, DDS, DC, DVM, RN, LPN, LMT, etc.).  This service was influenced by my Kumu, Akino Apana, who wanted to ensure that “healers” were taken care of so they could continue helping others.

*Cash or credit card payment are accepted  (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery and JCB).


Monday – Wednesday:  9 am to 4 pm

Thursday – Friday:  9 am to 2:30 pm

Callout hours vary:  Monday – Friday


“Mixed Plate”:  My therapeutic specialty incorporates several styles that are tailored to your specific needs. Neural Reset Therapy (NRT), Pa Iwi Ola lomi lomi style, and Kinessage will be incorporated in your session.  This treatment will loosen your muscles tissue, reset nerves and promote a better flow in your energy lines. This selection is highly recommended by my loyal clients.


Neural Reset Therapy (NRT):  as developed by Lawrence Woods is a practical, rapid and reliable way to apply laws of physiology with an advanced form of manual therapy.  Muscles are controlled by the nervous system. Proper application of NRT resets the nervous system to release a muscle from excessive tension. With the release, the knots, pain, and tightness are gone. Joint mobility and posture are improved.  NRT is based on sound physiological and neurological principles.”

Excerpt from:

Kinessage® Massage Through Movement (Lower Body):  A method of therapeutic massage that effectively relieves pain and increases range of motion while being easier on the client.  The client receives a massage with movement that feels great.  Effective for increasing range of motion and mobility issues with less pain for the client.

Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques:  Myoskeletal alignment technique (MAT) is a type of bodywork which blends the principles of osteopathy and structural integration to relieve chronic pain, and to reduce the potential for the emergence of pain which could become chronic over time. This technique is often integrated into regular massage and bodywork sessions, and it can also be used alone to treat systemic problems.

Anma – Deep Tissue:  Anma is the oldest known form of traditional Asian massage which predates Shiatsu. The focus of Anma-Deep Tissue massage is to relieve muscle pain, restore structural balance and loosen tough knots by softening connective tissues.

Sports Massage:  A vigorous massage that prepares your body for optimal performance and endurance. Sports massage can minimize injuries, increases recovery time by breaking down muscle adhesion, increases range of motion and circulation.  Recommended for pre and post athletic events.

Massage therapists do not diagnose medical conditions or provide medical advice. Therapeutic Massage does not replace the need for medical attention.  ALWAYS seek the advice of your doctor if you have persistent pain or symptoms that affect your health.